I met Dennis at the Electric Forest music festival in Michigan last June. He was great to camp and hang out with (despite being a Bears fan) and kindly let me stay in his apartment for the NFL opener 09/05


Eric to the far left kindly donated me a ticket for the NFL opener and we met some fellow fans in a Packers/Wisconsin bar in Chicago, where I also got interviewed by WTMJ Milwaukee 09/05


Proudly flying the Packers flag at Soldeir Field. I thought it would be a tough opening game for us in the NFL 100th season opener but we managed to hold for a impressive win due to our defense 09/05


Mingling with the fans during the game. There were a small number of us and due to the Packers victory leaving Soldier Field was intimidating. The Bears fans were most certainly not happy with defeat! 09/05


I was pre gaming in Lucky's 1313 in Madison and Dennis recognised me from the newspaper article and kindle donated me a ticket for the first home Badgers against Central Michigan - yet another legend 09/07


The support I have been receiving from strangers from both the Packers and Badgers community has been really special - these fans loved my story and wanted a photo with me - so did I with them 09/07


Brad to my left and Matt to my right are members of "The Fromigos" - die hard fans that tailgate every home game from 6am - irrespective of start time - I turned up at 9am (3 hours late!) - great guys 09/22


I met Peter after the Packers victory. He is from Denmark (Europe not Wisconsin!) and comes to Green Bay for an annual visit to Lambeau - it's great to meet another foreign fan who also travels far and wide for a game


Jim is a retired history teacher and is using his time to write a book about 100 years of the Packers. He reached out to me and I visited him in his home in Cedarburg, near Milwaukee, for an interview 09/20


It was really special appearing in studio on Josh Dukelow's Fresh Take Show for a live interview. Josh also arranged tickets for the Thursday night Packers-Eagles game at Lambeau for nothing 09/23


I was kindly offered a car to buy from my mate's Dave and Darcy Maxwell at "mates rates". It was registered and licensed at the DMV in La Crosse then I drove it back to Green Bay. Great runner 09/09


Shannon is one of Heather's good mate's and Nick is Heather's husband. It was fun taking them tailgating with me. This is picture is in front of Brad and Sandy's Lambulance - awesome hosts as per usual 09/22


You wouldn't get this kind of mixing between rival fans in Australia due to a small population and in England/Europe due to hooliganism. It's usually good natured in America and this guy is a real character


I was walking towards Camp Randall for the Wolverines game and someone called out my name after seeing me in the paper. They were tailgating for a fundraiser and I donated some cash and was given a t-shirt


I volunteered to pour beer and serve drinks at the last Farmers Market on Broadway for Veterans of Foreign Wars. It was a lot of fun taking orders, asking patrons for ID and receiving tips which I fully donated 09/25


So many ticket offers have come through and this is a really moving story. Heather Heezan couldn't go to the Packers-Vikings game due to cancer and kindly donated me her ticket-hope you get well soon x  09/12


From left: Darcy, Bob, Dave, Sandy and Brad. Darcy and Dave came over to visit their daughter who is a freshman at UW-GB and the others are season ticket holders who I have tailgated with for my annual visit


My first live call in radio interview with  Josh Dukelow on his Fresh Take show. He is also taking me to the Packers-Eagles game coming up next week. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences so far to his listeners 09/16


Scott to the left and Matt to the right are Lot 1 tailgate legends. They gave me a special VIP pass and I always come and see them before I head into Lambeau. Music, drinks and mateship here is awesome 09/22


Brad from The Fromigos, Eric and I appeared on Local 5 news live from tailgate Lot 2 on the morning of the Packers-Eagles game, which the Packers lost for their first defeat of the regular season 09/26


I have also been receiving messages of where to eat so decided to visit the Redwood Inn for Friday fish fry. This single portion of perch was really filling and I got to meet the owner and mother too 09/20


I first met Tom and Peggy at the Packers-Raiders game in Winnipeg last month. They live in Minneapolis and have offered me a place to stay in their apartment for the Packers-Vikings game in December


I have quite a bit of time off in between watching football games and traveling around the state and country so I'm doing some volunteering. This is Paul's Pantry - a food bank for the local residents of GB 09/16


Bob and Jeannie are retired school teacher's and with daughter Joy they took me to the Packers-Broncos game. It means a lot to me when I receive a donated ticket and make new mates 09/22


My host family took me to the Touchdown For Hope annual charity fundraising evening. I got to meet Packers wide receiver Geronimo Allison and tell him about my story. He's an awesome guy 09/27


Sam was born in Appleton, WI but lives in Dallas Texas and him and his family traveled to Green Bay for the Packers-Vikings game. He reached out to me on Instagram and took me for dinner at Taste of India 09/20


Everyone entering the stadium received a commemorative Bart Starr badge. It was a really special and moving moment to see Brett Favre walking out Cherry Starr on what was an emotional day for the Starr family


I met a local high school teacher who invited me to his classes. James Radish is also a Social Studies educator and it was good talking to his classes about culture, stereotypes and cricket 09/19


Peter reached out to me with a spare ticket. I ended up purchasing it for my mate Eric who took me to Solider Field. Peter only wanted $50 for a $130 ticket and donated the cash to Veterans for  Foreign Wars 09/22


I first met Craig and Beth in Lucky's 1313 for the first Badgers home game. I shouted them tickets for the Northwestern game as they usually just tailgate and hadn't been to a game for a few years 09/28