October 23rd-31st

Wednesday 23rd October 


This morning is a big one for me - I’m going to be working out for my CrossFit class in around 5 months. My last class was in Sucre, Bolivia. I turn up to Crossfit Green Bay for the 8:15am class and I find myself surrounded by female participants and a female coach. But they all treat me really nicely and for the main workout I’m paired with a lady called Brenda who pushes me hard. It’s a 20 minute WOD (workout of the day) and by the end of it I’m pretty worn out. At the end of class we have a group photo in front of the Australian flag, which I donated to the owner, Grant Soletski, a year ago as a thank you for allowing me to drop by in the past for no fee. They make me chant “Aussie Aussie Aussie” three times whilst everyone else replies “Oi Oi Oi”. A couple of my fellow CrossFitters have seen me on the TV and enjoy hearing about my volunteering in the local community. Later that day they tag me in a nice Instagram post. It’s a quick turn around back at the house as I have to drive to Bay Port High School for teaching cricket during Pirate Time. It tends to be the same students and some of them are developing good skills, especially those that play Baseball. One particular student is good at batting - so good that he strikes the ball straight at my inner groin. I fall down to the ground and James and the rest of the class come rushing to me to check that I’m alright. The collapse was more due to shock than pain and so once I realise that it didn’t hit one of the most sensitive parts of the male human body I burst out laughing and tell the student that is constantly apologising not to worry about me. As per last week we play for two classes of Pirate Time and for the second session we have a new student who has never previously played the game. I show him to hold the bat and he makes some runs. At the end of the session he comes up to me thanking me for my help and commenting how he had a really good time learning a new sport. For a person like me that feedback along with the Instagram post from CrossFit Green Bay means a lot and I’m so appreciative of the gratitude that I have received today. James and I pop into Panda Express for lunch. As I’m on a health kick I order steamed chicken with broccoli. You can get healthy food in Wisconsin - you just have to ask and choose wisely! Once we are back at the school I drop into a freshman History class. I talk to the teacher about the curriculum and it seems better than the changes that have occurred in Western Australia over the past few years. Basically as a teacher of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) I teach 10 weeks of History, Geography, Economics and Politics and Law. The problem with this approach is that the larger subjects of History and Geography are skim taught as I only have 10 weeks. So for example in Year (Grade 10) History I teach 5 weeks on World War Two and then 5 weeks on Rights and Freedoms (Civil Rights Movement in both America and Australia). For most topics like the Holocaust or The Freedom Riders you end spending just one to two lessons (hours). It’s a main reason why l became disillusioned with teaching back home. At Bay Port High School students spend a whole year on learning History in their freshman and sophomore years and when I tell the teacher about our curriculum he thinks it’s crazy - it most certainly has become recently. For the last session of the day I’m back with James for a Sociology class. The students are presenting their assignments on breaking social norms. They played pranks on members of the public whilst being discreetly filmed. One particular male student dressed up as female and unsurprisingly got some odd looks. I thank James for another enjoyable visit to the school and he wishes me all the best for the next couple of weeks. James has learnt the rules of cricket pretty well and is going it take over from me for Pirate Time. Once I return to Green Bay James is also going to invite me around for dinner with his wife Heidi and four young boys, the two youngest whom I’m yet to meet. I chat with James a bit and we tend to go through the same motions as high school teaching staff. But James also has a family of four young boys and as I tell him I admire how he and Heidi work so hard to provide for their children. I’m back at the house just after 3 and do some stretching and light yoga exercises in front of the lounge TV from some YouTube videos as I’m feeling pretty sore. I eat the small portion of leftover curry from last night as lunch was my first meal of the day and spend the rest of the afternoon uploading photos on my website. I have a light dinner and for the rest of the evening I’m sending Couchsurfing requests for my upcoming trip, finishing up on my website and watching Family Guy. I finish the night with reading before heading to bed.


Thursday 24th October 800 KM 500 M 


I told everyone at the box yesterday I was coming back for the 8:15am class but I end up sleeping in and head instead to the 9:15am class. I manage to finish the workout several seconds before the time limit but I find it harder than my first class back yesterday! Once back at the house I pack for my trip. I’m in a bit of a rush as I also need to have breakfast, get ready and finish off my laundry so my suitcase isn’t the most organised. As I’m placing it into the boot (trunk) of my car it feels a bit heavy so I’m gonna have to do some organising when I get to my mate Tristin’s house in Madison. My first stop though is Appleton, where I’m meeting Nick and Heather whom are returning from Madison after Heather’s second round of chemotherapy. It’s good to see them again and Heather is fine although predictably a bit sore and tired. I tell them that the house is in good stead and I didn't throw any wild parties. As it’s my birthday on Saturday they kindly treat me to lunch. I leave the restaurant not long after eating to get my flu shot at a local Walgreens. I’m not a fan of it as I got sick a few years back after having one and haven’t take it since. But as Heather importantly points out during lunch, if I get the flu and she catches it it could in her present condition of remission from cancer I could potnetially hospitalise her. The kind pharmacy assistant gives me a discount and the pharmacist administering the shot reassures me that I shouldn’t get sick from this  particular vaccination. Nick and Heather come to Walgreens to check up on me and we say our goodbyes. It’s a non eventful drive to Madison although Above and Beyond’s 350th anniversary edition of their weekly radio podcast keeps me entertained. My good mate Tristin has left the key to his back door in his dog flap so I can get in and pick up my game day bibs, two tickets he has donated to me for the Badgers-Buckeyes game and my portable phone charger that I left the last time I was in Madison. I also get to rearrange my suitcase and realise I did pack too much so leave in the car the items that I don’t need for this trip. Moreover I’m leaving my car at Tristin’s place for the next couple of weeks as I’m returning via plane to Madison the night before the Wisconsin-Iowa game. Tristin and I have become good mates and this is yet another great example of Wisconsin hospitality and generosity. I take the local bus to the university campus, from where I will be catching a Megabus coach journey to Chicago. The journey starts well but by the time I get to Milwaukee I’m not feeling well. My muscles are aching and I have a slight fever. I think a combination of both a CrossFit class and a flu shot have wiped me out. I get to Chicago just before 9 and although it’s a short walk from the Megabus bus stop to the Greyhound coach station it takes an eternity due to my current condition. In addition I have lost my appetite so I just order a tea from their cafeteria, although I wouldn’t have eaten there anyway based on the choice and quality of food on offer. It’s a couple of hours waiting around from arriving to the overnight coach to Columbus leaving and on all forms of social media I comment how this experience is worse than when I had to wait to leave Delhi airport in India as I headed back to England as a young boy back in the 80s and 90s. Thankfully Delhi airport has been modernised so the experience is a lot more pleasant - the same cannot be said about the Greyhound coach station in Chicago, with the standing being not far off that of an Indian coach or train station! After several months backpacking in South America I found most of the coach stations their a better condition than the one here. As I’m one of the first to board the coach I head straight to the back where I get three seats. Thankfully the coach isn’t full so I get to lie across the seats and fall asleep before midnight. 

Friday 25th October 


During the night coach journey I wake up a few times but manage to fall asleep pretty quickly and so I find myself not too tired by the time I arrive in Columbus. I’m also feeling better from yesterday’s vaccination and as I didn’t eat dinner last night my first task is to find somewhere for breakfast. Using google maps I stumble upon a place not too far from the Greyhound coach station, which is in a far better condition than the one in Chicago. The spinach and feta cheese omelette that I order turns out to reaffirm the positive reviews of this nice little downtown diner. My Airbnb is in the suburbs and check in is around noon so I work on my website whilst drinking peppermint tea. There isn’t too much to do in Columbus and so I take two buses to the suburb of Gahanna to my accommodation for the next two nights. I chose this particular area as it’s close to the airport and on Sunday morning I have an early flight to Kansas City via Chicago. As the first bus leaves downtown and is heading through the the suburbs I cannot help but notice the huge number of “O” signs painted on the side of houses, Ohio State vehicle number plates and Buckeyes clothing worn by passengers, bus drivers and those walking around. It’s the same kind of passion as one would witness back in Green Bay! Upon arrival at the Airbnb I find the house empty but a dog who is scared of me and won’t stop barking. I don’t mind the barking but I hope a neighbour doesn’t come to the house to complain. I settle into my room, work on my website and listen to some music before going for a short walk of the local area. There are several restaurants and bars in this nice little suburb and my point of call for a light lunch is in a Mexican themed bar. Again the staff are wearing Buckeyes clothing and I order a healthy burrito bowl. I’m starting to feel tired so I have a nap for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Today is gonna be a chill day and after waking up I’m reading and listening to music. From an online search I find a Southern American restaurant for diner which turns out to be really good with the portion size also enough for two people. When I get back to the house I meet another Airbnb guest and my Airbnb host, Paula, whom is getting ready to go to a Halloween party. I’m having a quiet night as my alarm will be going off at 4am for the Rugby World Cup semi final match between England and the All Blacks (New Zealand). I do some more reading before heading to bed. 


Saturday 26th October - 39th birthday


It’s Badgers game day plus it’s my birthday! Being a good son I ring my mother up in England. She is flying to India tomorrow for the next few months as part of her annual visit, escaping the northern hemisphere winter and catching up with our families. I’m asked when I’m coming to the Punjab in January and I reply that I don’t know as it all depends on the Packers playoffs schedule, which unsurprisingly my mother doesn’t understand. But most importantly she wishes me happy birthday and all the best in my journey and that’s the best present for me. I then get ready, placing on my game day bibs, which Paula and her mate mock as they are Buckeyes fans. My mate Josh is accompanying me to the game today as my mate Tristin kindly donated me two tickets. I met Josh when I was in Cleveland a couple of years ago. I dropped into CrossFit Cuyahoga Falls and he was the coach. We remained in contact and we talked about catching up during this extended trip. This game provided a great opportunity as I had a spare ticket for this game and it’s only a couple of hours away from his home. The first task for us after he turns up to the Airbnb house is to find somewhere for breakfast. There is a really good place not far from the house but it takes nearly an hour for our food to arrive. Our server tells us that the new cook is pretty slow - so they should have someone helping them out so it doesn’t take so long! To give the diner credit the food is worth the wait. During the wait for our meals Josh and I talk about various things but mainly health, fitness and Josh’s new gym. It’s getting close to start time and when we have finished our meals, Josh drives us towards Ohio Stadium to find a decent parking spot. As expected all the free spots are taken but we come across a small parking lot which isn’t too expensive. Once out of the car we put on our ponchos and walk towards the stadium. By the time we are in the stadium we have just missed the national anthem but manage to see the first play. Ohio Stadium, or The Horseshoe due to its design, is an impressive 106,000 seater stadium - the third biggest in the world. Due to the playing conditions the first quarter is a game of attritional football with neither side managing to put any points on the scoreboard. In the second quarter a Buckeyes field goal and touchdown give them a 10 point lead at half time, by which Josh and I are pretty soaked despite our ponchos. The third quarter starts well with a Badgers touchdown to reduce the deficit to 3 points but then the Buckeyes show why they are contenders for the national championship by scoring four unanswered touchdowns, two in each of the last two quarters to sail to a comfortable 38-7 win. With the Minnesota being 8-0 too the chances of the Badgers being in the Big 10 Championship in Indianapolis on December 7 are pretty slim. Unless of course the Badgers win every single game and the Gophers lose two of their remaining games, including the last game of the regular season being at home to Wisconsin. Due to a combination of the scoreline and weather Josh and I walk back to the car at the start of fourth quarter and then head back towards the house. I message Paula to ask if Josh can get changed in the house and she kindly accepts my request. Once Josh and I are in dry clothing, which for me just means removing my game day bibs, we go for food. Josh kindly treated me to breakfast, paid for the car parking spot and for our meal at a nearby restaurant refuses to accept any money. The server asks if we were at the game and I tell her that we both attended and how the scoreline was tough for me on my birthday. She replies that as it’s my birthday I get a free choice of dessert after our meals. Being both Halloween and in America I order the pumpkin pie. I thought the one I had at Chilli John’s back in Green Bay was awesome but this is another level. Josh ends up helping me out as the server cut a rather larger slice! Once the pie is eaten Josh and I say our goodbyes with Josh commenting how he would love to take his girlfriend to Australia for a visit. I hope that they can both make it one day, especially before settling down. I stay in the restaurant, moving to the bar area to watch the LSU-Auburn game, which LSU narrowly win in a tight contest. For the second half they have some good live musicians playing in the bar. During their break interval I have a chat and they are a great bunch of guys who love playing music - and they do it pretty well. Once the game is over I walk back to the house in the rain and I find Paula having a house party with her friends. I pack my luggage as I will be up early tomorrow and then join them in the patio lounge area in the back of the house for some karaoke shenanigans. I sing my signature song Down Under by Men At Work and after learning that Paula’s boyfriend is a Kansas City Chiefs fan we sing as a duet Dust In The Wind by Kansas. Paula and her mates are a nice bunch of people but due to my busy day tomorrow I say goodnight and goodbye. My last activity of the day is to give myself a birthday treat so I book a flight from New Jersey back to Green Bay after the Packers-Giants game at the start of December. This time next year I will be 40.

Sunday 27th October 1100 KM 700 M


I set my alarm for 4am thinking that will be the start time for the Wales-South Africa Rugby World Cup semi final match. But the clocks went back in Britain so I’m up an hour early - I find it difficult to get back to sleep so find myself snoozing for around an hour. I have leftovers from the other night as breakfast and then quickly get changed and put all bedsheets and towels as requested by Paula in the laundry basket. I order an Uber, which despite being so early doesn’t take too long to arrive. I’m at the airport in plenty of time and I’m actually hoping the flight is slightly delayed so I can watch the whole of the second half of the rugby, delicately poised at 16-16. To my dismay I’m boarding the plane early for an on time departure. I manage to get some rest on the first flight and upon landing at Chicago’s Midway airport I immediately switch on my phone to see that Wales narrowly missed out on their first ever World Cup final appearance - and it would have been against arch rivals England. I look forward to the England-South Africa final whilst in Los Angeles - with the time zone I will be watching it late this coming Friday night for what will be a repeat of the 2007 Rugby World Cup final. It’s a short layover in Chicago and the second Southwest flight to Kansas City is completely full due to the many Packers and Chiefs fans traveling for the game. During this flight I manage to work on my website and as we are landing into Kansas City I cannot but help notice the nice weather. AJ is originally from Perth, Western Australia and is picking me up for the airport. I have never met him before and I was put in contact with him due to a guy called Aaron Shaw. Aaron is a teacher in Appleton, reaching out to my on social media and whom I met a couple of weeks ago for dinner in a bar in Appleton before attending the musical show Hamilton. He played basketball in the same team as AJ back in Perth as an overseas import whilst AJ was still in high school. AJ then won a basketball scholarship to come and study and play for a college based in Kansas and during his time in America he met a woman (Ariel) who is now his wife. I’m going to be staying with AJ and Ariel for the next two nights in the southern suburbs of the Missouri side of the city. The airport is located in the northern suburbs and during our drive AJ and I manage to learn more about each other. We go for a brunch in a nice restaurant and once we are at his house I unpack and watch a Sunday football show, who are making their game day predictions. All of them are tipping the Packers to win tonight as Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is out injured. I take a much needed nap and then get ready. Ariel is back home and I get to introduce myself to her. My mate Shawn has dropped me a pin of his location in the tailgate zone at Arrowhead stadium so I quickly get ready so AJ can drive us to meet them. The traffic isn’t too bad getting into the main parking lot. We manage to find a good spot not that far from Shawn and his mates, who are pretty easy to find. A good friend of Shawn called John Findlay is pleased to me. He’s a really nice guy and I also get to meet his wife and kids too plus the rest of Shawn‘s friends. John lives locally but is originally from Wisconsin and played as a bagpiper in the marching band with Shawn and has brought his bagpipe to the tailgate, gaining the attention of the local Fox News crew. My good friends Sam and Zoe Sexhus from Dallas along with two of their mates are also in town for the game and come and join us at our tailgate. I’ve met up with Sam and Zoe in Green Bay, Dallas and now Kansas City. I jokingly ask where our next meet up will be and Zoe quickly replies Miami for Super Bowl! AJ and Ariel are the only Chiefs fans in our tailgate and as they don’t have tickets they say goodbye to everyone and head back home. We take a couple of group photos and in true Jaz style I tell AJ how I have managed to bring together a random group of people for a tailgate party. AJ thanks me for the invite as he says we are all good people. I reply that most Packers fans are. We all head into the stadium with plenty of time. I’m one row over from the main group but during the first quarter John messages me to come and join them as their are a couple of spare seats around them. By the time of the national anthem the stadium is packed and the atmosphere is electric. The Packers start the game well racing to a 14 point advantage with two touchdowns but in the second quarter two Chiefs touchdowns and a field goal result in the Chiefs leading 17-14 at half time. A Packers field goal are the only points in the third quarter to tie the game at 17-17. But a combination of Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones results in a good away (road) Packers win and for us to go 7-1 overall for the season. A group post game victory photo is taken and we split into into two camps with Shawn, John and I in one car and the rest in another. Shawn kindly drops me off at AJ and Ariel’s place. I thank him for both the ticket and the lift and thank John for the tailgating experience and lending me a cheesehead hat. John asks if I own one and I reply that I don’t so he generously donates me the one that he lent me tonight to keep on the basis that I wear it at every game for the rest of the season. I promise him that I will and thank him immensely for his kindness. It’s just after midnight when I go to sleep. My birthday weekend wasn’t too much of a disaster football wise in the end and all my travel plans went smoothly.

Monday 28th October 


I get to have a nice lie in this morning. AJ and Ariel have gone to work so it’s just me and their dog Tilly. Tilly was a bit apprehensive about me but she has warmed to me now. I don’t have much planned today after such a busy few days of travel and watching football games. My first task is to have a live telephone interview on WHBY. But it won’t be with my usual radio host Josh. He messaged me earlier this morning saying that he was sick. Instead it will be with producer Zach and the interview isn’t the same as we don’t have the same relationship but I still enjoy sharing my adventures for last weekend with him and his listeners. After my radio interview I find using google maps a Mexican restaurant for breakfast, ordering a nice hearty meal consisting of an omelette, rice and beans. Once I’m back at the house I work on my website, completing the photos section for the month of October. For lunch, AJ recommended a Greek restaurant a short walk away from the house. They have a brilliant lunch menu for a mere $8. I do some social media work, laundry and then have a nap. Upon waking up I find AJ back from work. We chat for a bit about yesterday’s tailgating and game and I proudly show him my new cheesehead hat. Kansas City is famous for its barbecue and although I’m not much of a red meat eater it’s a must do whilst in town. AJ drives me to Jack Stack’s, a local institution. The food is unbelievably amazing - we order a two persons mixed platter but combined with three sides it turns out to be enough for a party of three and as a result providing leftovers. As it’s Monday night, there is an NFL game being broadcasted on ESPN. Tonight it’s the Dolphins at the Steelers and after getting back from dinner the Dolphins who are 0-7 are somehow 14-0 up. Unfortunately for them they don’t score any more points with the Steelers comfortably coming back from behind to secure an easy win over a weak team. The commentators are taking about which draft picks the Dolphins will make as they have quite a few first and second round picks for the next two years due a combination of their poor performance and trade activity. I tell AJ that Chase Young of the Ohio State Buckeyes would be a good choice for the Dolphins and a few seconds later the commentators agree with me, bringing up his impressive statistics from his last game against Wisconsin. I certainly won’t forget his performance for the Buckeyes defense. During the game Ariel comes back from work and has some of the leftovers. There is no point in watching the game until the end so I say goodnight to AJ and Ariel and do some reading before heading to bed.


Tuesday 29th October 3200 KM 2000 M


I had planned to go to a CrossFit class at 7 but I end up sleeping in until 9. By the time I have had breakfast and got ready AJ is back at the house. He has taken off from work to kindly drop me off at the airport. When we arrive I thank him immensely for his hospitality and generosity, and wish both him and Ariel all the best for the future. The boarding area at Kansas City airport is slightly strange and it’s so cramped. Luckily my short flight to St Louis is not delayed and I have just over an hour layover in a much better organised airport before heading to Seattle. The second flight is just over 4 hours and for the last hour or so the plane passes over some stunning mountainous and snowy landscapes over the states of Montana and Washington. To get to my Couchsurfing host’s apartment I take a light rail service to downtown and then walk to a nearby coffee shop, as I wait for him to get back from work. It’s just after half 6 web I meet Harry and his lovely dog Blue in his apartment complex. Originally from Pune, India, he has lived in America for the past 9 years, working in IT. We chat for a bit then Harry kindly provides dinner for me, consisting of a healthy meal prepped tray. It’s definitely what I need after the past few days plus I learn from him that there is a gym on the floor below which I plan to go to in the morning so eating some nice nutritional food will be good for me. During dinner we watch a Netflix show of an American stand up comedian called David Chappelle. He’s a bit dark in his humour which certainly goes down well with me. As there is a 2 hour time zone difference between the central and pacific states I’m feeling tired, so say goodnight to Harry and do some reading before heading to bed.


Wednesday 30th October 


I have a nice lie in and have a tough CrossFit style workout in the gym on the second floor of Harry’s apartment complex. The gym is small and compact with enough equipment for me to form my own workout. I’m pretty tired afterwards and head back upstairs for both a recovery and protein shake. Harry is working from home today but we still manage to have a chat before he starts and we end up discussing cricket. Although Harry is originally from India, 9 years living in America has meant a gradual decline in interest in my favourite sport. But like myself he fondly remembers the 2001 test series between India and Australia in which India famously won a test match at Eden Gardens in Kolkata after being asked to follow on by Australian captain Steve Waugh. VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid batted for a whole day, which combined with Harbhajan Singh's bowling, inspired India on the final day to a famous victory against an Australian team that had previously won 16 consecutive test matches. I get showered and changed and leave the apartment so that Harry can get on with his work. I’m meeting up with my mate Tristan and his girlfriend Carly in a local breakfast diner. I first met Tristan in a bar in Miami during Ultra Music Festival a few years ago. We had a great night, becoming good mates and subsequently crossed paths on Gili Trawangan, Indonesia around a year later. I’m excited to see him again and meet his new partner. They are taking a while to arrive, so with their request I order breakfast just for myself as they have already eaten and I’m so hungry that I’m becoming hangry! The omelette, potatoes with bagel and cream cheese is both delicious and generous and most definitely what I require after a tough workout and no prior food. Tristan and Carly eventually arrive just before noon and it’s so good to see an old mate whilst also making a new one. We walk over to the Space Needle and have some photos taken. As it’s now lunchtime we stop in a Mexican restaurant where Tristan and Carly have food then Tristan drives us to Pike Place Market, which opened back in 1907 and is one of America’s oldest continuously operated public farmers markets. The fishmongers are particular lively with their chanting and fish throwing. Not far from the market is Wings Over Washington, a state-of-the-art "flying theater" that transports us on an aerial adventure over the state of Washington. It’s amazing technology and according to one of the attendants at a cost of $25 million. Tristan and Carly take me on a driving tour of Seattle, ending up at their new apartment. We chat for a couple of hours and then pop to a sports bar to watch the end of the World Series Baseball game decider between the Astros and Nationals. The Nationals defeated the Brewers in a divisional play off match and since that game I have wanted the Nationals to do well, and they most certainty have as they win the final match 6-2 to clinch their first ever World Series. Their is a Nationals fan in the bar and I congratulate him on his teams achievement. It’s pretty late now so I say goodbye to Tristan and Carly and take an Uber back to Harry’s apartment and head straight to bed.

Thursday 31st October 


Today I have a busy day planned. I have breakfast in a different diner from yesterday. Comparatively it’s a friendlier place but the food isn’t as good. My first point of call is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. I learn more about the philanthropic work done by the Gates family and its partner agencies both in and outside of America, particularly in developing countries in African and Asia. As a teacher of Economic development and poverty I take lots of photos and watch various interesting and informative videos. Just across the street is the Museum of Pop Culture, which turns out to be one of the best museums that I have ever visited. They have rooms dedicated to acts such as Prince, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Jimmy Hendrix. I particularly enjoy reading about Nirvana as they originated from Aberdeen, a small city in the state of Washington. In 1989 they went on a gruelling tour of Europe where over a two and a half month tour they only had a few days off - definitely tougher than following the Packers and Badgers for several months! The museum also has areas dedicated to specific film genres such as horror, sci-fi and fantasy with real artefacts on display from the cult classics movies including the likes of Dawn Of The Dead, Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings. The item that stands out most for me are from the Ghostbusters - a Proton Pack and Ghost Trap used in the actual film. They also play the soundtrack to the film on the large screen in the main lobby, so appropriate with it being Halloween. I end up spending a couple of hours having so much fun reliving some of the music, film and culture that shaped the 1980s. For lunch I pop into a Thai restaurant then catch a bus to the Museum Of The Flight. This ends up being the second fantastic museum visit of the day, with another couple of hours spent marvelling at the various aircraft on display, starting with a model of the Wright brothers first ever airplane and a hangar containing various different fighter and commercial aircraft. The original Boeing factory is now part of the museum, telling the story of the development of both the airplane and company founded by William Boeing. The second hanger has two floors with the first dedicated to the use of aircraft in WW1 and the second with respect to WW2. Not only are there so many fighter aircraft on show but also information placards outlying major events in both wars. I take lots of photos for future use during my History classes. Now when I get to the main hanger I’m in airplane heaven. They have the original British Airways Concorde, the first ever 747, the Presidential plane that transported Nixon to China, a test run 787 Dreamliner and numerous other gems. I post on social media how I’m in plane heaven! As someone who has been on many flights and has had an interest in flying since a child, the Museum Of The Flight was easily worth double the bus journey time and entrance fee. Once I’m back in downtown Seattle I head back to Harry’s apartment and work on my website. I offer to take Harry out for dinner as a thank you for being an awesome Couchsurfing host but he politely declines as he’s trying to get in shape for his upcoming Hawaii trip. There is a Vietnamese restaurant a couple of blocks away and I order a healthy pho soup takeaway dinner. I work on my website whilst Harry is doing some work too. Once I’m free I put on the YouTube video of the famous second test between India and Australia from Kolkata, 2001. We were talking about it yesterday morning and so for tonight I’m taking Harry down a memory lane trip. It takes just under an hour to relive one of the greatest cricket test matches of all time and I enjoy listening about how he and his classmates had to skip school to watch the end of the match, which initially India seemed destined to loose. We both marvel at the batting of VVS Laxman and Rahul Dravid and I jokingly tell Harry how over 18 years ago he watched this match live on a small TV back in his home town in India and all these years later is now replaying it in a nice apartment in America. After the game is finished I’m off to bed. I think about nipping to a bar for a Halloween party but I’m tired and want to do a workout tomorrow morning so I’m being sensible and getting some decent sleep as it's gonna be another busy weekend of travel and watching football.