Bay Port High School and I have struck up a good relationship. I drop in as much as I can into Social Studies classes, helping both students and staff. Teaching cricket during "Pirate Time" has been great 10/01


I was sitting next to a family from El Paso at AT&T stadium - Aaron Jones did his high school and college education in El Paso and scored 4 touchdowns against the Cowboys in a really good win 10/06


Whilst I was in Montgomery it was announced that the city had elected its first ever black mayor in its 200 year history. Although so much progress has been made there is still work to be done 10/09


Brett Favre is both my favourite Packers and NFL player of all time. During my visit to Atlanta he turned 50 years old. This photo is taken from Superbowl XXXI in which the Packers defeated the Patriots 10/10


Aaron lives in Appleton and used to play as an overseas import in the local basketball league in Perth. He kindly arranged a place for me to stay with a mate in Kansas for Packers- Chiefs game 10/16


James Radish and I have become really good mates. His wife Heidi works for the Resch Center who own the local ice hockey team - Green Bay Gamblers and got us VIP tickets for the opening game 10/04


I flew to Birmingham after the Packers-Cowboys game to begin a Civil Rights tour. I found visiting the various museums a pretty emotional experience. This Civil Rights Institute was a gem 10/08


The old Greyhound bus terminal was segregated on the basis of race and the Freedom Riders was an attempt to end racial discrimination. When they arrived the activists were met with violence 10/09


On my last day in Atlanta I had a few hours to spare before my flight so I visited the largest aquarium in the world - Georgia Aquarium. It was pretty busy but had so much amazing marine life on display 10/11


The Poor Choices Express is a group of guys who used to play in the Wisconsin Marching Band. They have an annual reunion and this year was the Badgers-Illinois game. They hired an RV for the weekend 10/18


I managed to get into the student section at Camp Randall for the Badgers-Kent State game. Met these cool lads - Ricky from left read my story and was really supportive. Flew to Dallas after the game 10/05


It's unbelievable to think that racial segregation was real and meant a different quality of life and opportunities based on the tone of skin color. Breaking down these barriers were not easy 10/08


Jim Zwerg was a white civil rights activist originally from Appleton, Wisconsin. He joined the Freedom Riders and was attacked as he left the coach at the Greyhound terminal. 10/09


I flew back to Milwaukee from Atlanta and drove to Madison for the Badgers - Spartans game. My mate Tristin from VFW took me to the game and this is us tailgating. Madison is a a crazy place! 10/12


Proudly waving the flag at Memorial Stadium in Champaign but like many I was wrong when I thought the Badgers would make it 7-0 against Illinois, surrendering a 9 point lead to lose by a single point 10/19


The Sexhus family hosted for my 2 nights in Dallas. Sam also lent me his Cowboys Cheesehead hat - the support and generosity from the Packers community has made my trip so much easier and enjoyable 10/06


Dr Martin Luther King Jr was jailed for a peaceful protest in Birmingham in 1963. He wrote his famous "Letter from Birmingham Jail" in response to white clergy that criticised his actions 10/08


I spent most of a day visiting the Martin Luther King Dr Center and went on a tour to the King family home. It was like a pilgrimage to me to visit the birthplace and family home of my childhood hero 10/10


This group of family and friends were the few Packers tailgaters among all the Cowboys fans. They took me in and gave me food and drinks. They found it crazy I was in Madison the day before 10/06


After Birmingham I traveled to the city of Montgomery where a woman in 1955 refused to give up her seat to her fellow white passengers and as a result was arrested. This led to a city wide bus boycott 10/09


In the Dr Martin Luther King Jr National Historical Park lies the tomb of the leader of the Civil Rights Movement and his wife. Dr King wanted to improve the life of all Americans. not just black 10/10


Cricket is my number 1 sport and as well as spreading the great game at Bay Port High I'm here bowling to Brad of The Fromigos at our Tailgate Lot 2 spot before the Packers-Lions Monday night game 10/14


Tyler reached out to me Twitter for yet another tailgate invite. Thankfully they were also in Lot 2, just over from us Fromigos. For the Packers-Raiders game I ended up attending five different tailgates 10/20

I love helping out and giving back to others - especially as I have received so many generous offers. Here I am pouring Shotski at Tailgate Lot 1 before the Packers-Lions game - I made so many new mates 10/14


Barnie, partner Gini and Barnie's daughter Caroline took me to the Packers-Raiders game for what turned out to be an amazing Rodgers QB display throwing 5 TDs including 1 himself in a perfect game 10/20


Badgers lost 38-7 to Ohio State Buckeyes at The Horseshoe in front of 103,000 people on my 39th birthday. It was rainy and cold but my mate Josh from Cleveland come down and joined me on my special day 10/26


I received many nice birthday messages. This is my personal favourite from Scott Schwartz. The crew at Tailgate Lot 1 at Lambeau have taken me in and I'm ever so grateful for their hospitality 10/26


Badgers in Columbus one day, Packers in Kansas City the next. I have been lucky with my itinerary so far - no flight/weather issues resulting in severe delays or cancellations. Hopefully my luck can continue 10/27


AJ is originally from Perth but now lives in Kansas City - meeting his wife Ariel whist studying in America on a college basketball scholarship. They kindly hosted me for my two nights in town 10/27


In true Jaz style I brought together a random group of people who have one thing in common: our hearts bleed green and gold and we all chant GO PACK GO. Packers beat Chiefs 31-24 to go 7-1 10/27