I spent a few days sightseeing in Seattle after the Packers-Chiefs game. I caught up with my good old mate Tristan who I first met in Miami back in 2015 and then the Gili Islands, Indonesia a year later 11/01

I met up with my high school mate Dickie plus Tracy reached out to me with her father Paul for the tailgate. Jodi kindly donated me a ticket for the game which were going on resale for no less than $400 11/03

One of my best ever tours was to go on the Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul RV Tour. I had a fun 3 hours visiting all the major landmarks such as the restaurant from where the show is filmed. I would have paid a lot more! 11/07

I first met Jacob on a walking tour in Medellin, Colombia back in July. I was walking from one tailgate to another before the Badgers-Hawkeyes game and bumped into him. Nice guy 11/09

I went up the Space Needle and was treated to some really nice views. Seattle has plenty to see but it's expensive compared to Green Bay. I'm enjoying seeing as much of the country as I possibly can 11/01

I approached these group of Californian Packer fans and they loved my story and we took a group photo. Despite the huge number of green and gold the team didn't show up in a below par performance 11/03

This is me re-enacting one of my favourite scenes from Breaking Bad. Two gangster brothers are waiting to speak to the owner with their serious faces. I don't think a I'm quite yet ready for a career in TV 11/07

Tristin is a really generous guy and has kindly donated me a few tickets to Badgers games and providing me with a place to stay and park my car. We have had so much fun this season pre, during and post game 11/09

The Museum Of Flight was an amazing place  to visit with a history of aviation, the company Boeing and various fighter planes from both WW1 and WW2. This is the first ever 747 jumbo plane built as a demo 11/01

Meeting this guy cheered me up. He recognised me from my story in the toilets and turns out he changed his surname to his wife's surname because it was Packer! Can't beat the green and gold fans 11/03

I arrived back in Madison on a really cold night. I got to my mate Tristin's house and my car was covered in snow and ice. It took a while to sort out and I was freezing/wet from the process 11/08

I caught up with Scott the previous day in Madison at a tailgate and this us the next day back in Lot 1. He's become a good mate of mine and kindly donated No Shave November badges for me to sell 11/10

The Museum of Pop Culture contained many items from cult classic movies such as Ghostbusters. Also the history of bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam and musicians such as Prince were on display 11/01

From LA I visited Phoenix to spend a couple of days relaxing and my last opportunity of warm weather for a while. I stumbled upon a Packers bar, owned by a guy called Dave  from Milwaukee 11/05

The Badgers-Hawkeyes were playing for the Heartland Trophy. After seeing two disappointing road games it was nice to see Wisconsin return to winning ways with a slim chance of a Big 10 Final game 11/09

SNOW!!! It was my dream to see snowfall at Lambeau and it finally came true against the Packers-Panthers game. The cold was tough but an amazing experience watching the snow settle 11/10

The day before the Packers - Chargers game in LA I went with my two good mate's Ethan and Megan to a Packers Pep Rally. Met some real characters, who were fascinated by my story like Senor Cheesehead 11/02

I went to travel onto Albuquerque and my first point of call was The Holocaust And Intolerance Museum Of New Mexico. I can never stop learning and teaching more about this dark chapter in History 11/06

The Badgers fans have also reached out to me with many generous offers. Ian standing next to me kindly invited me to his Bucky's Rescue Unit Ambulance Tailgate Party. I'm ever so grateful 11/09

My yoga teacher Jen and her husband Ryan kindly organised a ticket for the game. The Packers returned to winning ways after a disappointing game in LA last weekend. Weather was also bit of a change! 11/10