A new year and decade started with a visit to Los Angeles for the Rose Bowl game between the Badgers and Ducks. It was an early start for Ricky and I for the parade. Thanks to Jodi we had a great spot 01/01


I also bumped into my good mate Peter. He's one of many Badgers fans that reached out to me. A couple of fans seated around Ricky and I also recognised me from the news. It's been great following the Badgers too.


From Jacksoville I flew into Boston to catch up with my good mate Tim from Perth. Tim and I used to work together in the same high school but when I go back to work in July Tim will be at a new school 01/07


It's the morning of the last Packers home game of the season. I was up at 5am for a 5:40 start with The Fromigos for a 12 hour tailgate. I can't thank these guys enough for making me part of their tailgate 01/12


It was emotional saying goodbye to Bay Port High School. Before I left I got to meet current Raiders full back and ex Bay Port and Wisconsin alumni Alex Ingold. Really nice guy and all the best in Vegas 01/14


My last podcast interview was with Monte and Yura from Take Action. It was so nice being recorded in a professional studio with high quality sound plus the interview flowed so much better 01/17


There were around 87 uniquely designed floats with preparation for today's parade starting the day after the last one. Over a million people turned up for the two hour long parade. Great life experience.


The day after the Rose Bowl I flew from LAX to West Palm Beach, Florida to attend a wedding the following day. My bag was lost in Dallas but I was really lucky it made it on the next (and last) flight to town 01/02


Tim was staying with his sister in Lexington, just outside Boston, where the first uprising against the British took place. We had a nice day learning about the history of the American Revolution in the local area in Massachusetts.


Not longer after setting up, Justin from local Fox-11 station arrived with a cameraman for a live broadcast for my final news interview of the season so that I could recap my season and thank everyone.


The Radish family have become good friends of mine. We had a nice leaving dinner at their home in Suamico. James, Heidi with their four boys consisting of Gavin,Logan, Braedyyn and Owen will be highly missed 01/14


My last photo with my flag in front of Lambeau stadium. The flag will continue to travel with me wherever I go so that I can represent the green and gold. I'm really gonna miss going to games 01/18


We were seated first row from the parade so when the Badgers float with Bucky came by I couldn't help myself by taking a photo with my flag. The parade took a few hours but it went so quickly as it was so spectacular.


It was so good to attend my mate Amanda's wedding and finally got to meet her new husband Mauritz too. The wedding was in Miami and they kindly let me stay in their apartment for my short stay 01/03


I hired a car from Boson to drive down to Rhode Island, my 29th state I have visited in America, The Elms Mansion was a cool place to visit for a group tour. Each room was amazing designs and decor 01/08


There were quite a few Canadian Packers and Seahwaks fans so in true Fromigos style we invited them to join our tailgate and I took a group photo with the Canadian flag with Matt and Brad from The Fromigos.


My last shift helping out at Paul's Pantry food bank. I will miss the camaraderie with the other volunteers who were really supportive of my stay in Green Bay. Plus it was great to help out those in need 01/15


My flight from Green Bay to Chicago was delayed so I missed my connection to San Francisco. American Airlines kindly gave me a hotel for the night in Chicago. It was emotional leaving Green Bay 01/18


My good mate Tristin was visiting town for the game too and we managed to catch up before the game. We have been to so many games for both the Packers and Badgers with so many lasting, cool memories.


After wedding I took a Megabus from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando to catch up and stay with my good mate Aaron. We first met at a music festival in Georgia a few years ago and have had some great trips 01/04


My first task when I got back to Green Bay after a two week road trip around America was to have a TV interview with local station NBC-26 for Sunday's upcoming game and review my great season 01/10


Eight hours afer I started tailgating with The Fromigos I was back at Lot 1 to pour shotski, serving for a total of 4 hours to complete a total of 12 hours  of tailgating. I'm really gonna miss the pre-game fun.


Will first took me ice fishing 7 years ago when I first visited Green Bay. It was a cold Thursday morning in mid January so we decided to go on a anniversary trip. We didn't catch much but still great fun 01/16


The next morning I was re-routed from O Hare to San Jose. I nearly missed the game as the first flight to Dallas was grounded for 2 hours due to a mechanical issue but I landed two hours before start 01/19


Ricky and I as part of a packed crowd of just over 90,000 fans. When the sun came down the sky was an amazing colour of pink and grey. The Badgers lost to the Ducks by a single point in an agonising 28-27 loss.


On the way to Jacksonville we stopped in Daytona Beach. I asked Aaron to pull his car over so that I could take a photo with my flag in front of the famous sign located next to the racing track 01/05


The day before the Seahawks game I was up early to be taken ice fishing by my mate Eric and his mate Alex. This is me trying to put the bait on. I caught several perch in what turned out to be a really fun day 01/11


Eric kindly donated me a ticket to the first regular season game at Soldier FIeld and he did the same for the final game at Lambeau. I hope he can visit me in Perth so that I can return the hospitality.


I had leaving drinks at the Lorelei Inn to say goodbye to friends whom I had met during my stay in Green Bay. It was a nice turnout and cool way to say goodbye and thank strangers who  have become friends 01/16


The Packers final game (NFC Championship) against the 49ers was one to forget for Justin and I. But we had a great time attending every single game this season and becoming good mates. Once in a lifetime! 01/19